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year 7

Throughout remote learning the Year 7 Dance specialism students participated in a range of different activities. This included rehearsing their group dance works through video conferencing which they were supposed to perform at RIA Dance Night before the restrictions came in, virtual Pilates and strength and conditioning sessions and of course their virtual Showcase piece. The students did a fantastic job of creating their own choreography in groups, trios, duos and solos for our "True Colours" Showcase piece. We wanted to create a dance work that really showed what isolation and remote learning was like for us as dancers so we created a piece by putting together a range of videos which the students choreographed themselves and filmed in different spaces around their houses, front yards, backyards, garages or anywhere they could physically perform the movement.  The students created their dance works together through video conferencing and video tutorials, which was an amazing effort by the students as there were many obstacles… literally and figuratively. - Rebecca Giaccotto, Year 7 Dance teacher.

Featuring Annabelle Brady, Caitlin Hall, Keira Lambourn, Mackenzie Naylor, Lyla Page-Impey, Isabel Pilitowski,

Keira Scott, Ella Stapleton, Kiarah Taing-Sun, Lucas Thomson, Sianne Ware and Audelia Yap.

year 8

The Year 8 Dance specialism students had started choreographing duo/trio pieces.  As part of their remote learning they designed hair, make-up and costumes that would have been suitable for those duo/trio pieces had they performed them.  They also learned about nutrition.  They took part in Pilates, strength and conditioning sessions.  The main challenges the Year 8s faced were not being able to complete their duo/trio dances or finish learning the class-learnt work.  They had victories in the personalised Pilates and conditioning programs where they could work at their own pace. - Steve Figliuzzi and Carla Pincombe, Year 8 Dance teachers.

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