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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own sound and lighting technicians?

Yes, as long as they are familiar with our equipment.

How many people can the theatre seat?

The theatre can hold a maximum of 500 people.

What are the parking facilities at the theatre?

There is a free car park and street parking around the theatre.

Will we have the same technician(s) throughout the day and for the show?

Yes, in most cases you will have the same technician(s) for the duration of your hire period, but this may change depending on the length of your show.

Do we have access to the whole theatre when hiring?

Yes, you will have access to the whole theatre with the exception of the dance studio and change rooms between the hours of 9:00am and 3:30pm on weekdays as these facilitles are used during school hours.

Can we sell tickets at the door?

Yes, you can sell your own tickets for your show at the door.

Can I video the event?

Yes, providing you have the rights to do so (depending on the show).

Is there communication between side stage and the control room?

Yes, we do have communication lines which can be set up prior to the show for easy communication between the stage manager and the control room.

Can people stand in the theatre aisles?

For saftey reasons we ask that you do not stand in the aisles during a show, as in the event of an emergency this is considered a major hazard.

Can I take photos during the show?

Depending on the show, this is the choice of the show organiser.

Does the theatre offer wheelchair access?

Yes, the theatre does have reserved seating areas for wheelchairs.

Will there be any hidden charges or costs involved with theatre hire?

There are additional costs involved if you're looking to hire other rooms/spaces or external equipment for your event, or if your event runs over your booked time.

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