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year 9

Throughout remote learning the Year 9 Dance specialism students participated in a range of different activities. This included rehearsals of their group dance works through video conferencing which they were supposed to perform at RIA Dance Night before the restrictions came in, virtual Pilates and strength and conditioning sessions, working individually on their Dance Styles Research Task presentation and solo dance work, and of course their virtual Showcase piece. The students did a fantastic job creating their own choreography for our “Times Like These” Showcase piece. We wanted to create a dance work that really showed what isolation and remote learning was like for us as dancers so we created a piece by putting together a range of videos which the students choreographed themselves and filmed in different spaces around their houses, front yards, backyards, garages, under street lights or anywhere they could physically perform the movement. The students were assigned to small groups, trios, duos and solos and created their dance works together by choreographing movement through video conferencing and video tutorials. This was an amazing effort by the students as there were many obstacles... literally and figuratively. - Rebecca Giaccotto, Year 9 Dance teacher. 

Featuring Scarlett Barnabas, Lilly Belyus, Summer Bramblebee, Ashlee Dubey, Adele Dufour, Kaitlin Evans, Ella Ferrier, Daniela Jong,

Porsha Loughman, Hannah McKeown, Charlize McKissock, Sarah McLaughlin, Georgia Morrison, Shayla Myerscough, Bridgitte Overton-Quaife,

Kaitlyn Phillips, Shaye Philpott, Molly Robins, Elena Shome, Alivia Stewart, Scarlett Stoppel-Lovell and Kaiya Xuereb.

year 10

The Year 10 Dance specialism students have been researching the contributions made by a variety of contemporary choreographers.  They created presentations about their findings to present to the class.  They also took part in Pilates, strength and conditioning sessions every week.  The main challenges the Year 10s faced were not being able to continue working on their small group compositions or finish learning the class learnt work.  They had victories in the personalised Pilates and conditioning programs where they could focus on their specific requirements on any given day.  - Carla Pincombe and Steve Figliuzzi, Year 10 Dance teachers. 

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