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year 11

Over the course of the semester, students in Year 11 Dance specialism studied both contemporary and jazz dance styles. 

The dance work we are presenting for Showcase is a Musical Theatre Jazz dance in the style of choreographer Jerome Robbins. Robbins was famous for his use of fusing ballet and modern jazz techniques as well as presenting strong characterisation within dance. Our performance pays homage to his contribution to dance and the entertainment industry as we perform ‘America’, from West Side Story.

Kacey Hocking, Year 11 Dance teacher.

Featuring Grace Anderson, Jasmine Bate, Alana Cooper, Hayley Davies, Paige Goodson, Leah Harris,

Courteney Hoare, Khealee Kidman, Skye Parker, Sinead Ross, Kaitlyn Soh and Hannah Thompson.

year 12

The Year 12 Dance specialism learnt work entitled "Breathin'" was a group collaboration amongst 13 students. The commercial jazz piece explores movement and content rather than an intention. The piece is a "celebratory dance" for making it to Year 12. - Year 12 Dance class.

Featuring Brooke Bekkers, Tara Bell, Abbey Benson, Elisha Blood, Hayley Coleman, Jessica Daish,

Taneesha Hammond, Molly Macartney, Taylah Neal, Shariz Roca, Hayley Spiers, Britney Wilson and Kirah Zietsman.

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