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Year 11 & 12

During Semester One of Senior Music specialism we devoted time and effort to composition, song writing and production. This involved exploring composition techniques in a range of formats. Some through collaboration (“jamming”), building songs using motifs and loops in the studio, as well as lyric writing and production sessions.  Some students dedicated time to learning the engineering-side of studio work. All songs featured here have had input by our budding studio engineers, Tamika and Jackson.  

We hope you enjoy the array of styles on show, including a contemporary solo piano piece from Sonali Wijetunga. Get in the mood for the RnB-inspired songs from Courtney Belyus & Jazmin Micallef, Alyra Hendricks & Chelsea Mosbey. Put your headphones on for a powerful pop ballad from Tamika Brooks and a fun pop-rock song from Anna Barclay, Casey Sfikas, Hannah Underwood, Imran Sadiqzai and Rachel Featonby. And finally, be sure to crank your stereo for some punk rock by Lachlan Power, Sonali Wijetunga and Jackson Lu. 

- Jake Johnson, Senior Music teacher 

Vocals & Guitar - Jazmin Micallef

Vocals - Courtney Belyus

Vocals & Guitar - Lachlan Power

Bass guitar - Sonali Wijetunga

Drums - Jackson Lu

Vocals - Anna Barclay

Vocals - Hannah Underwood

Vocals & Guitar - Rachel Featonby

Bass guitar, Organ & Xylophone  - Casey Sfikas

Drums - Imran Sadiqzai

Vocals - Alyra Hendricks

Vocals - Chelsea Mosbey

Instrumentation - Tamika Brooks

Still to come

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