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junior MUSIC


year 7 & 8

The Year 7 & 8 Junior Music specialism class have put together a virtual band over the course of remote learning. Students were responsible for learning, rehearsing and recording their parts at home. The purpose of this project was to develop the students’ ensemble skills by being able to perform in time with the music. Additionally, Junior Music students have worked hard in developing their musicianship skills by completing the AMEB Grade 1 Musicianship course online. Through the completion of this course, students have developed a fundamental understanding in music literacy. The students have also explored the use of chord progressions in a pop song and practiced using ICT tools (GarageBand) on their devices that support them in music composition. While remote learning has posed its own challenges on the students this term, they did an incredible job with making sure that they kept up with their practice and continuing to maintain and develop their technique at home. 

- Wynne Djunaidy, Junior Music teacher.


Vocals - Abbie Pitchford

Vocals - Romany Hoehne

Vocals & Bass - Kaylee Archbold

Vocals - Shamika Pallany-Croft

Electric guitar - Joshua Underwood

Drums - Izrael Leow


Vocals - Lianne Jones

Vocals - Nina Rachele-Burtt

Vocals - Liesl Patton

Guitar - Sam Storey

Keys & Organ - Mikalah Beer

Drums - Mac Beale


Vocals - Maddison Harris

Vocals - Katie Roche

Vocals & Keys - Summer Henry

Ukulele - Gypsy Bates-Langley

Electric guitar - Lily Thomas

Drums - Liam Bradford

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