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"Art in Iso" 

Wow! What an eventful Semester One we have had. Through the twists and turns we have persevered during what has been a rollercoaster semester and I’m so thrilled that we can still present our Showcase.


One difference you will notice with our online Showcase is that we have made a conscious effort to highlight the process to create art, as much as the final product. We hold a strong ethos in RIA that the process is more important than the final product. Students who creatively overcome challenges, setbacks and obstacles and who continually trial new strategies develop a greater and more varied skill set, which is necessary in a 21st-century world. Our ‘Art in Iso’ celebrates this and shines a light on the importance of the journey.


The Arts has certainly taken a hit during the Covid-19 crisis and its importance in society has been questioned. I would argue that through every difficult era, it is entertainment and the arts that have given people a reason for living. We are drawn to the escapism that the arts provides and its ability to not only lift us out of our own lives but to connect us to each other. Our students are so fortunate that they have these talents within themselves, to both express what they are feeling and to enrich the lives of others. As we enter our second round of remote learning I am encouraged by the resilience and creativity of our students and know that they will tackle the challenges they face positively.


On a final note, I would like to leave you with the wise words of the Australian comedian, Luke McGregor who sagely states, “We don’t need the arts to survive, but I would argue the arts gives us a reason to.”













A big "thank you"


Firstly I’d like to start off by congratulating each and every RIA student for the outstanding work that they have produced remotely. Through it all our students have persisted as they have been challenged to create art in ways they never dreamed of before. I’m beaming with pride for our students and the RIA program and the fantastic Showcase that truly demonstrates their passion for their art.


I would also like to thank the Specialism teachers, who quite quickly, were able to adapt, change and develop meaningful tasks and projects for their students to create ‘Art in Iso’. The results are remarkable and as a RIA community we are thankful for their efforts in going above and beyond.


As well as our teachers I would also like to thank the incredible Jenn Walter who has worked tirelessly to piece this Showcase together. The final production of our online showcase is one we all can be proud of thanks to her.


Finally I would like to thank our parents. Remote learning is challenging and I know the difficulties that families face during these unprecedented times. Thank you parents! For guiding, supporting and nurturing the importance of the arts with our children. This Showcase is as much a celebration of your efforts as it is of the students.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy perusing this website and that it sparks joy in your lives, as you watch what is possible even in these most challenging times. 

Kacey Hocking

Head of RIA

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